My crappy art made to move! In order from bad to worse!

  • The 2005 Christmas Advent Calendar
    24 days, 24 Flashes. See them here if you mist them the first time.
  • Magic GIF Theatre
    A collection of cool little animated gifs I made! Well it makes a change from Flash doesn't it?
  • Dealing with Aliens
    This was a rush job to enter it into a competition so it's not too great. I wasn't surprised when it didn't win seeing the quality of the other entries. Oh well, it's good filler :)
  • The Duck Song
    This is easily the most stupid thing I've ever created! Apologies to "The WildHearts"
  • Exam
    Just a small little thing I made. And yes, the irony of it hasn't escaped me.
  • Musical Distaste
    Forget fan art! I do fan ANIMATION! Done for Thomas of Newshounds. A better description of why I made this is on the loading screen.
  • Ninja!
  • The First SSDD Animation
    The first SSDD cartoon I've made. This was more of an experiment more then anything and some ideas worked really well… others not so well (I tried a new way of lip-syncing that didn't work at all). Also the sound was done on my crappy old computer so that sucks too. Not too bad at a first attempt I guess. Look at Joe Cartoons early stuff!
  • SOC Survivor
    This is an entrance I made for a "competition" on the Fuck Society web site, that mixes David Teatro's (the FS guy) "Soft Outer Crust" cartoons with a shitty reality TV show.
  • English For Americans
    Are you American and planning to go to the UK, but don't know the lingo? Never fear; Poisoned Minds is here to help!
  • Yuri Bella: Famous Bender
    Be astounded at the mental powers of PM's favourite mystic, Yuri Bella! He's available for birthday parities by the way.
  • How to Be a Total Twat
    The world's biggest tosser, Scott Sharky, will show you how!