Not only do I have fans (hard to believe I know) but some of them have taken it on themselves to draw me and my characters! The hideous results are below in no real order...

  • Darkside C.A.S
    "Valkuran" posted this using a forum's private message system (again) where it got ignored for weeks (again). He asked that his old picture that was here to be taken down. Couldn't see the problem with it myself but there you go. However this one is %200 more twisted!
  • Animated Al
    "Nibiki" made this little animation when I was making little animations for people on request. Cool huh?
  • "Gotta Match Mate?"
    "Moe" has a style that kinda reminds me of graffiti for some reason.
  • Junkie Hunt
    It works in the real world… Well the one in Tom Radigan's head at least.
  • Cute Norman
    Steve Todd made this cute version of Norman. Isn't it sickening sweet? :)
Not Tessa
  • Not Tessa
    Michael Hillebrand got Tessa mixed up with Anne. Oh well, I'll forgive him.
  • Hi-De-Hi
    Morettini strikes again with another kick-bottom pic! I REALLY like this one! His site.
The same thing we do every night Pinky…
  • "The same thing we do every night Pinky…"
    "Try to take over the world!" I mention to Andrew Metis who drew this that the colour of the uniform was wrong...
You don't HAVE to draw another one!
  • You don't HAVE to draw another one! he made this in true C.A.S colours! … but he still messed up the insignia! :)
You get GUN!
  • You get GUN!
    Norman with a gun.... yep! "Cougo" loves you!
Merry Christmas Washington!
  • Merry Christmas Washington!
    This was a Christmas card I got with money in it. I love you Jon W!
For Mel
Gates and Sticks
  • Gates and Sticks
    Another creepy (yet good) rendition from Brandon of Norman playing with Sticks! Isn't that sweet?
I can see you!
  • Floating, Glowing Blue Eyes are Cool!
    Hay! This is the first bit of fan art with The Oracle in it! Mighty fine it looks too! Oh and Brandon Casteel threw in "Evil" Norman for good measure too!
Scary Shirt
  • Scary Shirt
    Jean-Paul Allee made this before the nurses forced him to take his medicine!
SSDD: The Movie
  • SSDD: The Movie
    What the poster for the SSDD movie would look like! Made by Morettini again as he obviously has far too much time on his hands! :) His site.
Run Riot
  • Run Riot
    More Morettini artwork depicting Norman during the Mayday riots! I like it! His site (again).
Gun Girl
  • Gun Girl
    It's Tessa! She likes big guns! She doesn't like you! Get the picture? By an Italian called Morettini! Blah! Blah! Blah!
  • Sticks
    Considering how much fan mail I get about this guy, I'm surprised it took this long for fan art of him to turn up. Well Tony Wolf made this... yep!
  • Dreams
    "Bruce" decided to resurrect a semi-private joke between myself and Mark Stanley of Freefall that died years ago... Bruce, you need to get out more! :)
  • S.S.D.F.
    Wow the first fan art of the new, characters Tessa and Tin-Head! Done by Rudi Gunther of Death World. Funky!
Terrible Trio
  • Terrible Trio
    Jeffery McLean, he do this. He do this too. Name the other two rabbits in this pic and win a coconut!
Two Year Itch
  • Two Year Itch
    Meg Duarte showing the S.S.D.D. crew celebrating two years of this shitty comic in the way only they know how (i.e. getting rat-arsed, stoned and by blowing shit up). Isn't that sweet?
Don't mess with me foo!
  • "Don't mess with me foo!"
    Coz I'm BAD! Well "Priest22" thinks so.
Give Peace a Chance
  • Give Peace a Chance
    David Parsons comes from Dallas and shot JR. He also drew this picture with only a SLIGHT 'Young Ones' reference.
  • Diddle
    "Stu" decided that using my guide to draw Norman on his PalmOS handheld would be a good way to waste a few minuets which he will never get back. Good on 'im I say! Warning! Contains the word "Diddle"!
I'm a Big Bully
  • I'm a Big Bully
    What Joseph England fails to release is that Norman doesn't need an excuse to beat someone up. Oh yeah, Joe has a comic too. Read it or he'll die lonely.
  • Annoying Git Awards
    We might have brought you Rik Mayall but America still has the most irritating stars on the planet (i.e. the whole cast of "Friends"). Thomas K. Dye made this and he does Newshounds. Remember the K stands for Kuality!
It's me... kinda.
  • It's me... kinda
    Roocat thinks I look like a dog while everyone else thinks I'm a double for Worm from Road Waffles.
  • Rubbish
    Norman taking out the rubbish. This was done by Roger Sims who does know he got Norman's ears the wrong way around.
Gaius Konietzko
  • Trench-coat Mafia
    "It's all done in the best possible taste!" - Cupid Sunt
  • Art: Gaius Konietzko. Blame him.

Mark Stanley
  • Kingston in Wonder-land
    Mark Stanley draw me a cartoon strip! It's good so read it, becoz it'ss funny it is. Yeah, it's like REALLY funny. Ha. Er… Anyone for a curry? Oh yeah read Mark's Freefall coz dat's good too.
Jim Boswell
Julie Miyamoto
  • "What Did I Say?" or P.M.T.
    I do like this one, mainly because I'm in it :) So much in fact I've printed it out and stuck it on my wall. However it's a bit unnerving that someone draws your characters better then you do :P The title says it all really, but I wouldn't like to be Richard there! Artwork by the obscenely talented Julie Miyamoto aka Hysteria.
Rudi Gunther
  • "What Are You Looking At?"
    Nuff said really. Rudi Gunther, he do this. His excuse was: "Man, I have to say, your style may look simple, but it sure is hard to replicate." It's simple, with a straight jacket on I have to draw with my toes :) Do his comic called DeathWorld.
Ryan Smith
  • "Not my type, but who cares?"
    Richard looks like he's enjoying himself. Artwork and "Fan girl" © Ryan Smith of Funny Farm fame.
Ryan Smith
  • Video Ga Ga
    An extra scene from the When The Cats Are Away "story". But I don't remember Mewn appearing in it. Artwork and Mewn © Ryan Smith again.
Scott Kellogg
  • "Do not adjust your television, we control the transmission..."
    Scott Kellogg tries his hand at drawing a crappy, second rate comic strip...